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	2005 Newark Earthworks Moonrise Working Group
	The 2005 Newark Earthworks Moonrise Working Group is a fellowship 
of concerned citizens, community leaders, and scholars representing several
disciplines from local universities, museums, and professional organizations.
We have joined together to share with the world a remarkable conjunction of heaven and earth that will take place at the 2,000-year-old
Newark Earthworks. On a few dates in 2005, the moon will rise in close
alignment with the central axis of the Octagon Earthworks. Our Mission Statement The purpose of the 2005 Newark Earthworks Moonrise Working Group is
twofold: 1. We will join together at the Octagon Earthworks to witness this
once-in-a-generation event and help make that experience accessible
to as wide an audience as possible. 2. We will use this event to celebrate the achievements of the builders
of this ancient wonder of the world. We, as citizens of Ohio and representatives of various groups and
institutions with a vested interest in the Newark Earthworks, state
that it is our responsibility and privilege to serve as organizers and
facilitators for groups and individuals who wish to come and participate
in the wonder. We are committed to fostering good will and encouraging
participation from a wide spectrum of perspectives, interests, and beliefs.
We are not a closed group and encourage any interested groups or
individuals who share the goals of inclusivity and good will to be a part
of this working group. The 2005 Newark Earthworks Moonrise Working Group is organized
under the auspices of the Newark Earthworks Initiative at The Ohio State
University, Newark Campus. You can contact us at earthworks@osu.edu or Newark Earthworks Initiative OSU-Newark 1179 University Drive Newark OH 43055 (740)
364-9584 The Newark Earthworks Initiative The Newark Earthworks Initiative (NEI) represents the combined effort
s of many different communities and individuals to create a center.
The Newark Earthworks Center will focus on two related topics that inform
each other: the study of pre-contact history, including the earthworks, and
the study of Native American histories and cultures. The center will become
an intellectual and communications nexus for activities relating to the
histories of American Indians from ancient times to the present. The Newark Earthworks Initiative promotes multidisciplinary research,
enriched undergraduate education, teacher training and support, public
educational programs, and outreach to a variety of communities. In pre-colonial America, Ohio was a crossroads for American Indian people
and cultures. Ohio's lands figured prominently at critical junctures during
the historical expansion of the United States of America. The proposed
center links two great resources: the university and the earthworks. The proposed Newark Earthworks Center will be the first center at The Ohio
State University to focus on Native American histories and cultures. The Centers Objectives Promote multidisciplinary research connections Enrich the undergraduate educational experience Improve teaching resources about Native American Earthworks,
histories, and cultures Create partnerships to accomplish the center's goals throughout
Ohio and the Midwest

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