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Three Graduate Education Courses

Contact         Dr. Richard Shiels at Shiels.1@osu.edu

Or       Dr. Christine D. Warner at Warner. 55@osu.edu


Late Summer and Fall 2005


Education T and L 727.28: “Teaching About the Newark Earthworks”

Dr. Richard Shiels (History) with the assistance of Dr. Bradley Lepper

(Archaeology) and Dr. Christine D. Warner  (Education) . 5 credit hours.


This class will meet first for five days in one week in August. Students will then attend academic conference and symposium on the OSUN campus on three separate Saturdays: September 24, October 22 and November 19.  These conferences will feature scholars of Archaeologists, Art educators and American Indian Studies. Students will develop lesson plans and teaching strategies and will have opportunities to involve their own students.


Academic Conferences

   Open to the Public



American Indian Studies Conference                                September 24


A conference sponsored by The CIC American Indian Studies Consortium on the theme “Native Knowledge Written on the Land.” The consortium includes faculty and graduate students from the eleven Big Ten universities plus the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois Chicago-Circle.  Sessions will focus on Native science, the architecture of ancient American sacred sites and Native perspectives on archaeology as well as other topics.



Newark Earthworks Day Symposium                                          October 22


A symposium sponsored by the Multicultural Center of the Ohio State University Columbus Campus. Speakers will include OSU students and faculty, Native people and guests from across the country. One highlight will be an interpretive modern Native dance; another will be an exhibit of local Native American arts and crafts. The public will be taken in buses to view the moonrise over the central axis of the Octagon.




Ohio Archaeological Council                                                          November 19


A public symposium on “Ohio’s Ancient Earthworks” sponsored by the Ohio Archaeological Council, which includes university faculty, museum curators and other highly trained scholars and scientists. Topics will include the latest archaeological findings as well as strategies for teaching about earthworks and for reconstructing representations of ancient earthworks electronically,









Winter Quarter

Education T and L 727.28 Developing K- 12 Educational Materials for and about the Mounds and the Cultures that Embraced it

Dr. Christine D. Warner with the assistance of Dr. Richard Shiels and Dr. Binaya Subedi. 5 credits.


This class will feature the development of curricular materials from the actual oral histories and historical accounts of Native Americans who live in Ohio or have Ohio roots that will be collected during the Winter, Spring and Summer of 2005


Goals and Objectives:


 To create educational resources that reflects the histories and experiences of Native Americans in Ohio. The recourses will be utilized in K-12 level; currently, both historical and contemporary issues related to Native people are either omitted or superficially included in educational curriculum. Since teachers and students in schools have limited resources in relation to Native perspectives on history, culture and society, the resources will also outline how Native issues and experiences ought to be taught in classrooms.


  These curriculum materials will focus only on Ohio’s Native American peoples. This crucial focal point will fulfill the State of Ohio Social Studies education standards and benchmarks for grades 1-12 and will prepare students for the state mandated proficiency tests in Ohio.


Spring Quarter

Education *727.xx     Native American Children’s Literature Americans.”

Dr. Christine D. Warner.   3 credits


A graduate survey class that is a compilation of the current and historical native experience in literature by Native parents, educators, poets, writers, shaman and teachers of American Indian Children. This course which will be presented through the Native perspective, will include essays, poetry, critical reviews of a multitude of literature for, by and about American Indian Peoples as well as offer a guide in evaluating children’s books for anti-American Indian bias.


*This course number will change as soon as a more permanent number is assigned.






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